§ 36.041 HOLIDAYS.
   (A)   All regular full-time employees of the town shall observe the following official holidays as vacation with pay:
      (1)   January 1, New Year’s Day;
      (2)    Third Monday in January, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day;
      (3)   Third Monday in February, Presidents’ Day;
      (4)   Memorial Day;
      (5)   July 4, Independence Day;
      (6)   First Monday in September, Labor Day;
      (7)   November 11, Veteran’s Day;
      (8)   Thanksgiving Day;
      (9)   Day after Thanksgiving Day;
      (10)   December 24, Christmas Eve;
      (11)   December 25, Christmas Day;
      (12)   December 26, day after Christmas;
      (13)   Personal day of choice (with supervisor’s approval); and
      (14)   Other holidays as may be designated by the town.
   (B)   For each paid holiday, each regular, full-time employee shall receive a holiday allowance equal to his or her normal pay for one workday. This time shall be counted as hours worked for the purpose of computing overtime.
   (C)   If one of the above holidays falls on other than a workday, employees shall be granted a holiday on a day either preceding or following the holiday, the determination to be made by the Personnel Committee with the approval of Town Council.
   (D)   Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this section, holidays for personnel providing 24-hour essential services to town residents shall be governed by the practices essential to appropriate operation within that department.
(Prior Code, § 16-15) (Ord. passed 9-19-2000, Ord. passed 12-3-2001; Ord. passed 1-22-2013; Ord. 2022-01, passed 5-17-2022; Ord. 2022-06, passed 7-19-2022)