(A)   A person appointed by the Municipal Judge shall place the 18 ballots so drawn in a container and shall draw out one and the person so drawn shall be one of the jury, unless challenged by either party, and the person appointed by the presiding Judge shall then proceed until he or she shall have drawn six who shall not have been challenged, neither party being allowed more than six challenges.
   (B)   If the first 12 drawn shall be challenged and the parties do not agree to a choice, the last six shall be the jury. When any of the six jurors so drawn cannot be found or are disqualified by law to act in said case and the parties do not supply the vacancy by agreement, the person appointed by the Judge shall proceed to draw out of the jury box ballots for three times the number of those deficient which shall be disposed of and be drawn as herein provided.
(Prior Code, § 12-7)
Statutory reference:
   Jury selection, see S.C. Code § 14-25-530