(A)   The Municipal Court of the town hereby is established.
   (B)   The Municipal Court shall have jurisdiction to try and determine all cases arising under the ordinances of the town and also all such powers, duties and jurisdiction in criminal cases as are conferred by state law upon magistrates of the county.
   (C)   The Municipal Court Judges shall have the same power as a magistrate to compel attendance of witnesses and require them to give evidence upon trial before them of any person.
(Prior Code, § 12-1)
Statutory reference:
   Judicial system, see S.C. Code §§ 5-7-30, 5-7-90, 5-7-230, 14-25-510 to 14-25-540, 14-25-910 et seq. and Act 480 approved 6-10-1980, amending S.C. Title 14, Ch. 25