(A)   Any individual or organization who wishes to intervene as a party to any matter before the Board of Adjustment shall complete an application to intervene upon a form which may be obtained from the Zoning Administrator. Such application shall state the proposed intervenor’s interest relating to the property or hearing, any practical impairment of the protection of that interest if not allowed to intervene as a party, and whether there is inadequate representation of that interest by existing parties. Such application shall be filed with the Zoning Administrator at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time for the hearing of the matter before the Board. The Board may waive the deadline for the filing of this application upon good cause being shown for the failure to timely file to intervene.
   (B)   Upon a hearing on the motion to intervene, the Board of Adjustment shall determine whether intervention is appropriate.
(Prior Code, Ch. 1 Art. XII § 1215)