(A)   The Administrator shall notify in writing each local government having jurisdiction in the watershed district as well as any entity using the watershed for water consumption. Such notice shall include a description of the variance being requested. Local governments receiving notice of the variance request may submit comments to the Administrator prior to a decision by the Board of Adjustment. Such comments shall become a part of the record of proceedings of the Board of Adjustment.
   (B)   If the application calls for the granting of a major variance, and if the Board of Adjustment decides in favor of granting the variance, the Board shall prepare a preliminary record of the hearing with all deliberate speed. The preliminary record of the hearing shall include:
      (1)   The variance application;
      (2)   The hearing notices;
      (3)   The evidence presented;
      (4)   Motions, offers of proof, objections to evidence, and rulings on them;
      (5)   Proposed findings and exceptions; and
      (6)   The proposed decision, including all conditions proposed to be added to the permit.
   (C)   The preliminary record shall be sent to the state’s Environmental Management Commission for approval.
   (D)   A record of all variances granted within water supply watersheds by the village shall be submitted the state’s Environmental Management Commission on or before January 1 of the year following the granting of the variance.
(Prior Code, Ch. 1 Art. XII § 1209)