A.   Height Limit: The growth of any weed, grass or plant other than trees, bushes, flowers, vegetables or other ornamental plants exceeding six inches (6") is unlawful.
   B.   Determination By Village: The village board of trustees or any person empowered by resolution of the board of trustees may, from time to time, determine properties existing within the corporate limits upon which the growth of weeds, grass or plants is in violation of subsection A of this section. (Ord. 402-1-45, 7-1-2002)
   C.   Notice To Abate: The offender shall, in every case under this section, be notified by some executive officer of the village to remove or abate any unlawful growth stands, and be allowed a reasonable time, to be fixed by such officer in such notice, to so remove or abate the same, and upon so doing, within the time fixed by such officer, the offender shall not be subject to fine. (2006 Code)
   D.   Abatement By Village: Upon a determination of violation of this section, any duly authorized employee of the village may and is hereby authorized to enter onto the property upon which the unlawful growth stands and remove said unlawful growth by any reasonable means. Reasonable removal shall include, but not be limited to, mowing and plant removal, so long as sufficient cover remains on the premises to prevent erosion.
   E.   Cost Of Abatement; Lien Provisions: The village board of trustees or any person designated by the board by resolution may, from time to time, determine a reasonable charge to be made for the services performed by the village pursuant to subsection D of this section. The costs of services shall be a lien upon the real estate affected. Said lien shall be filed with the county recorder's office within sixty (60) days of the performance of the services. The village clerk shall be responsible for filing all notices of lien. (Ord. 402-1-45, 7-1-2002)