377.03  EQUIPMENT.
   In addition to any rules or regulations promulgated by the Director of Public Safety, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4511 and Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4513, equipment of the golf cart shall include, but not necessarily to be limited to requirements for the following items of equipment, all to be in working order during operation:
   (a)   Adequate brakes and braking system;
   (b)   Properly working  brake lights, headlight, taillights, and turn signals;
   (c)   A properly working steering mechanism;
   (d)   A windshield made of safety glass;
   (e)   A rearview mirror;
   (f)   A working horn audible from not less than 200 feet;
   (g)   A child safety seat for any occupancy under the age of four or under forty (40) pounds in weight;
   (h)   Rear license plate to make the rear plate legible from a distance of fifty (50) feet; and
   (i)   Seatbelts for the driver and all passengers;
   (j)   Two working headlights;
   (k)   Each cart shall have a maximum speed of no more than twenty (20) miles per hour;
   (l)   Appropriate tires that are free of major bumps, bulges, breaks or any condition that would be cause for unsafe conditions.
      (Ord. 2020-104.  Passed 8-24-20.)