(a)   The cultivation of medical marijuana is not a permitted use or a conditionally permitted use in any use district.
   (b)   Prior to receiving a zoning certificate authorizing the establishment of a medical marijuana processor, retail dispensary or testing laboratory, an applicant for said certificate shall provide, in addition to the standard application materials:
      (1)   Verification of active state license or certificate of operation.
      (2)   Verification of compliance with the physical separation requirements contained in Section 3796.30 of the Revised Code and Section 3796:6-3-02 of the Ohio Administrative Code.
      (3)   A photometric plan detailing the perimeter lighting required by the Ohio Administrative Code, which shall comply with the lighting requirements of Section 1155.03(c) hereof.
      (4)   In the case of a retail dispensary:
         A.   A copy of the operator’s application for certificate of operation containing the representations referenced in Section 3796:6-3- 01(A)(1) of the Ohio Administrative Code, and
         B.   A copy of the operator’s operations and management practices plan approved by the state board of pharmacy.
      (5)   In the case of a testing laboratory or processor, a copy of the security plan submitted as part of its provisional license application.
         (Ord. 2018-101.  Passed 8-13-18.)