709.09    APPEAL.
   Any person aggrieved by the denial or revocation of a permit under this Chapter may, within ten days after service of the denial or revocation notice, appeal to Safety Director by filing with the Director a signed written statement briefly setting forth the grounds for appeal.  The Director shall schedule a hearing on the appeal to occur within fourteen (14) days of its receipt, and shall provide the appellant with at least three (3) days notice of the date, time and place of the hearing, by first class mail.  The appellant may appear before the Director in person or by attorney, and may present witnesses or documentary evidence in support of the appeal.  The Director may hear opposing evidence from other interested parties.  The Director may affirm or reverse the action of the Chief of Police on the basis of the evidence presented.  The decision of the Director shall be final except as provided for in Chapter 2506 of the Ohio Revised Code.  (Ord. 2018-67.  Passed 5-21-18.)