(a)   If, after building material of any kind is delivered on the site, actual construction work is not commenced within thirty (30) days, or if, during the course of construction, work has been suspended for a like period, the permit may be immediately revocable, and notice to that effect shall be served on the contractor.  This notice shall set forth that within five (5) days the contractor shall furnish satisfactory proof that building operations are to be started or recommenced and carried out to completion. If the contractor fails to furnish such proof or, having furnished same, fails to begin or resume work, then the Building Director may revoke such permit.
   Written notice of such revocation, signed by the Director, shall be immediately served on the owner, agent, or superintendent or contractor in charge of the work, or shall be posted on the premises, and no person shall perform any work in or about such structure, building or premises after the revocation of the permit and the posting of notice thereof.
   (b)   The contractor may be required to immediately remove all building material, contractor's equipment or other supplies from the premises, and to fill in any excavations or ditches or water holes, and to effectively protect any dangerous or unsanitary conditions that may exist on the premises, the same to be done within a reasonable time to be fixed by the Director.  Should he fail to complete the work within the specified time, the Director shall cause the same to be done and  the expense thereof shall be paid  by the contractor or owner, and if not paid, shall be made a lien on the property and collected with the taxes.
   (c)    If the work is begun or resumed in accordance with the contractor's agreement and the Director’s approval, then the original permit shall continue in effect, subject to the conditions set forth above.
(Ord. 1999-02. Passed 1-11-99.)