Purpose and Interpretation
1171.01    Official name.
1171.02   Purpose.
1171.03   Authority.
1171.04   Interpretation.
      General State provisions - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 711
      Council to hold public hearing - see Ohio R.C. 711.09, 711. 101, 711.132
   1171.01  OFFICIAL NAME.
   The official name of these Regulations shall be "Subdivision Regulations of Streetsboro, Portage County, Ohio", and shall be referred to herein as "these Regulations". (Ord. 1981-99. Passed 8-24-81.)
   1171.02  PURPOSE.
   These Regulations are adopted to secure and provide for:
   (a)    The proper arrangement of streets or highways in relation to existing or proposed streets and highways and the Thoroughfare Plan.
   (b)    Adequate and convenient open spaces for traffic, utilities, access of fire- fighting apparatus, recreation, light and air and the avoidance of congestion of the population.
   (c)    The orderly, efficient and appropriate development of land.
   (d)    The orderly and efficient provision of community facilities at the minimum cost and maximum convenience.
   (e)    Safe and convenient vehicular and pedestrian movement.
   (f)    The promotion of public health, safety, morals, comfort, convenience, prosperity or general welfare.
   (g)    The accurate surveying of land, preparing and recording of plats.
   (h)    The equitable handling of all subdivision plats by providing uniform procedures and standards for observance by both the approving authority and subdivider.
      (Ord. 1981-99. Passed 8-24-81.)
   1171.03  AUTHORITY.
   The authority for the preparation, adoption and implementation of these Regulations is derived from Ohio R.C. Chapter 711 which permits the adoption of uniform rules and regulations governing subdivision of land.
(Ord. 1981-99. Passed 8-24-81.)
   The provisions of these Regulations shall be construed to be minimum requirements.
(Ord. 1981-99. Passed 8-24-81.)