Subsection 101.1 Title: Insert (village of Streamwood) under name of jurisdiction.
Subsection 101.4.3 Plumbing:
Delete the words "international plumbing code" and insert the following words: "state of Illinois plumbing code".
Subsection 103.1 Creation Of Enforcement Agency:
Delete this subsection in its entirety and insert the following:
The community development department in all instances of the code is hereby created and the official in charge thereof shall be known as the building official.
Subsection 103.2 Appointment:
Delete this subsection in its entirety and insert the following:
The director of community development or other designated authorized individual is the officer charged with the administration and enforcement of this code.
Subsection 105.1.3 Amusement Devices:
105.1.3 Amusement Devices: Prior to any mechanical amusement device, roller coaster, scenic railway, watershoot or other mechanical riding, sailing, gliding or swinging device is erected, either in existing or new amusement parks, or places or sites where such devices are operated under carnival, fair or similar auspices, a detailed plan shall be submitted to the building official for approval or rejection, and if approved, a permit shall be procured by the person desiring to erect such device.
Subsection 105.2 Work Exempt From Permit:
Under "building" delete numbers: 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Add sentence: Decorating or normal maintenance, unless the work involves alteration of existing electrical or plumbing systems, installation of new electrical or plumbing, or structural modifications to the building.
Under "building", number 7, delete the word "cabinets", and "counter tops".
Under "building", number 9, after (18,925 l) delete the word "and", and at the end of sentence, add the words: "and fenced in accordance with the code."
Subsection 105.5 Expiration:
105.5 Expiration:
Change where it states 180 days to 120 days and add the following:
Exception: Permits shall expire if the work has commenced but has not been completed within the following specified times:
Permits for: Room additions, detached garages, new single family and two family dwellings, and major remodeling projects will be valid for 12 months. For all other home and site improvements permits will be valid for 3 months.
All work for which a permit is issued shall be completed within 12 months of the date of issuance of the building permit. A fee of fifty percent (50%) of the original permit fee shall be paid for the permit extension.
Extensions to this requirement may be granted by the director of community development for a period not to exceed one hundred twenty (120) days upon demonstration of justifiable cause for the extension. Extensions shall be requested in writing and shall only be granted upon demonstration by the applicant of justifiable cause. A request for an extension shall include the following:
(a) An explanation of the hardship which resulted in the work not being completed.
(b) A detailed description of all work which has not yet been completed and a time line for completion. No work shall be left incomplete which may result in a life safety issue or result in a public nuisance or endangerment.
(c) A detailed description of how any unfinished portions of the building will be protected from outside elements so as not to cause damage to the structure.
Subsection 105.6 Work Commencing Before Permit Issuance:
Add sentence: Any person, firm or corporation that starts work on a project where a building permit is required by this code, without the permit being issued, shall pay a late fee equal to fifty percent (50%) of the required permit fee in addition to the permit fee cost payable at the time of permit issuance. The minimum late fee shall be ($50.00).
Subsection 105.8 Contractors; Fees:
105.8 Contractors: Fees And Requirements:
      1.   Each general contractor shall pay to the collector or code official of the village an annual registration fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00), term of which annual registration fee shall commence on January 1 of the year in which such registration is issued. Each subcontractor shall pay a like annual registration fee of seventy five ($75.00). A general contractor need not also secure a subcontractor's registration or pay a subcontractor's registration fee but a subcontractor, if he becomes a general contractor, shall secure such general contractor's registration and pay such general contractor's annual registration fee.
Add exception: A contractor registration fee shall not be required for plumbers, and fire alarm, contractors.
      2.   General contractor is defined as any person, firm or corporation contracting (either in writing or orally) for, and/or furnishing, building construction work and/or fixtures, with respect to real estate in the village. A subcontractor shall be defined as any person, other than a prime contractor, contracting with, or doing any work for, such prime contractor, and responsible for a portion of such construction work in the village. The term "subcontractor" shall not include any regular employee of a prime contractor. Neither the term "general contractor" nor the term "subcontractor" as used herein shall refer to any resident owner of real estate in the village or his immediate family, personally undertaking any construction work or repairs on his own property in the village with the intent of living at the property for a minimum of six months.
      3.   A corporation which is either a general contractor or a subcontractor herein shall require only one registration but it shall not operate pursuant to such registration until the names of all officers of the corporation are registered with the code official who may require such registration to be brought up to date and current, at any time he may see fit. All such general contractors and subcontractors who are registered hereunder shall cause their names to be registered with the code official. Anyone applying for a building permit under the ordinances of the village must list all general contractors and subcontractors who are going to perform all of the construction work for which the building permit is sought and no building permit shall be issued without such list being submitted.
      4.   It shall be unlawful for any person to perform any building construction work or do other acts allowed to be done herein by a licensed general contractor or subcontractor as herein defined, without being registered and having paid in full the registration fee, all as is herein provided. It is unlawful for any owner or applicant for a building permit to allow any unregistered general contractor or subcontractor, or any general contractor or subcontractor not listed with the application for a building permit, to do any building construction work in the village.
      5.   All contractors and subcontractors applying for or renewing a registration under this section shall provide evidence of a registration and permit bond and evidence of a certificate of insurance with the village as a certificate holder. The amount of the registration and permit bond shall be set by the code official.
Subsection 105.8.1 Suspension And/Or Revocation Of Contractor's Registration:
105.8.1 Contractors: Suspension And/Or Revocation Of Registration:
The village's director of community development is authorized, for cause, to suspend and/or recommend the revocation of any building contractor's registration.
   A.   Cause For Suspension And/Or Revocation. A contractor's registration may be suspended and/or revoked for any of the following:
      1.   Any sustained violation by the licensee of any applicable provision of title 9 of the village code;
      2.   The commission by the licensee, its employees or agents, of any acts or omissions that would constitute a violation of any consumer fraud law of the state of Illinois, federal statute or village ordinance, including, but not limited to section 505/2Q(c) of the consumer fraud and deceptive business practices act, (815 ILCS 505/2Q(c)) or the home repair fraud act (815 ILCS 515/1, et seq.);
      3.   Any fraud, misrepresentation or false statement contained in the application for such contractor's registration;
      4.   The entry of a final judgment or order by any court of competent jurisdiction, administrative agency or hearing officer that the licensee, its employee(s) or agent(s):
                  (a)   Have engaged in more than one (1) act during the performance of work authorized by the registration that constitutes a danger to the public, health, safety or morals;
                  (b)   Failure of the licensee to pay any fine, penalty or registration fee due and owing to the village within thirty (30) days of assessment;
                  (c)   Refusal by the licensee, its employee(s) or agent(s), on at least two (2) occasions, to permit any inspection by a duly authorized code enforcement officer or official or other village employee while in the performance of their duties of making any inspection under any village ordinance;
                  (d)   Failure by the licensee, its employee(s) or agent(s), on more than one occasion in any calendar year to apply for a required building permit and work has been commenced by the licensee, its employee(s) or agent(s) without having applied for a building permit.
   B.   Suspension:
      1.   The director of community development for the village is hereby authorized to summarily order the cessation of business operations and suspend the registration issued of any licensed contractor when the director of community development has reasonable cause to believe the licensee is in violation of any portion of subsection 105.8.1(A)1-4 inclusive.
   C.   Within three (3) business days after an order of cessation of business and suspension of the contractor's registration for reasons hereinabove set forth, the contractor shall be served with a notice of hearing for the purpose of determining whether or not such licensee shall be suspended or revoked. Notice of the hearing shall be in writing and shall set forth the basis for the order of cessation of business and registration suspension and shall be served upon the licensee at the address provided by the licensee on its registration application. The notice of hearing shall be served by personal service or first-class mail, postage prepaid. The notice of hearing shall further set forth a date and time certain for hearing to determine whether the contractor's registration shall be suspended for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days or revoked. Any contractor whose registration is revoked for cause may not reapply for any contractor's registration within the village for a period of one (1) year next following the date of the order of revocation.
   D.   All hearings shall be commenced within seven (7) business days following the date of service of the notice of hearing. Service of the notice of hearing by first-class mail, postage prepaid, shall be deemed complete two (2) days after mailing.
   E.   All hearings shall be recorded and shall be conducted by the village manager or his designee (the "hearing officer"). All licensees wishing to contest the basis for the hearing may be represented by an attorney and shall be afforded an opportunity to present witnesses and relevant evidence on its own behalf.
   F.   At the conclusion of the hearing, the hearing officer shall make a finding which sustains, modifies or rescinds the director of community development's order to cease business and suspend the contractor's registration.
   G.   All decisions of the hearing officer shall be reduced to writing, designated findings, decision and order and shall be served upon the licensee and director of community development within five (5) business days after the conclusion of the hearing. The findings of fact, decision and order, shall specify the reasons for any imposed sanction including the nature of the violation giving rise to the original action by the director of community development.
   H.   No suspension or revocation shall be imposed unless the violation(s) complained of are proved by the village by a preponderance of the evidence.
   I.   The decision of the hearing officer shall be reviewable pursuant to the provisions of the Illinois administrative review law.
Subsection 107.1.1 Information On Construction Documents:
Add paragraph: For all projects that require an architect to complete the plans, construction documents shall be dimensioned and drawn on 36" by 24" paper. One complete electronic version (PDF format) of the final construction "as built" dimensions as approved by the building official shall be submitted to the village of Streamwood prior to the issuance of the final occupancy.
Subsection General:
Add sentences: All plans, computations and specifications for the new construction, remodeling and alterations of commercial, residential and industrial buildings valued at over $10,000 shall be prepared by registered, professional architects. Plans shall be signed and sealed. Construction valued at under $15,000 may require plans prepared by a registered professional, depending upon the structural alterations, at the discretion of the code official.
Subsection 109.7 insert: (Building Permit Fee Schedule):
Permit Fees: General And Home Improvements
Air conditioner (new)
Air conditioner (replacement)
Amusement devices, mechanical riding, sliding, sailing or swinging:
   Portable, for each assembly or installation
   Permanent, installed or altered
   Temporary seating stand
Basement (unfinished) per sq. ft.
Building (new construction) per sq. ft.
(minimum charge)
Chimney (isolated or over 10 feet above roof)
Driveway (new or extension)
Driveway commercial
Final inspection
Fire escape (erection or alteration, up to 4 stories)
   Each story above 4
Garage, per sq. ft. (detached)
Hot water heater replacement
Kitchen hood & duct system, with Ansul
Mechanical fee (min)
Mold remediation
Moving building (per 1,000 cubic feet of volume or fractional part thereof of such building)
Occupancy permit:
Plan examination, commercial
Plan examination, residential
Plan examination, new subdivision/residential - 0-100 dwelling units
Plan examination, new subdivision/residential - over 100 dwelling units
Platform (temporary) for public assembly
Porch or canopy
Power elevators, platforms or lifts, new construction
   Power operated elevators, platforms or lifts, existing installation, semi- or annual inspection
   Reinspection fee (minimum)
Remodeling or alterations, per sq. ft.
Roof top HVAC unit
Room additions, per sq. ft.
Satellite dish
Shed or other detached accessory structure
Shoring, raising, underpinning or moving any building:
   For each additional 1,000 sq. ft. of area or fractional part
   Minimum charge
Solar installation
Swimming pool replacement
Swimming pool and electrical inspection
Tanks for flammable liquids: Capacity, 200 to 500 gallons
   Each additional 500 gallons or fraction thereof
Walks (public or private)
Wind turbine
Window or door replacement
Wrecking any building or other structure not more than one story in height: For each 25 lineal feet of frontage or fractional part thereof
   More than one story, for each 25 lineal feet of frontage or fractional part thereof
Reinspection charges: Whenever a reinspection on any phase of construction is required due to the original phase of construction not being ready for inspection when requested by the builder, or contractor, there shall be an additional charge for:
   First reinspection
   Second reinspection
Subsection 109.7.1 Electrical Permit Fee Schedule:
Permit Fees:
      1.   The inspection fees for new electrical services shall be as follows:
0-100 ampere
101-200 ampere
400 ampere
600 ampere
800 ampere
1000 ampere
1200 ampere
1600 ampere
2000 ampere
2500 ampere
      2.   The inspection fees for the original installation in a residential occupancy shall be as follows: (Including all circuits, fixtures and receptacles, and excluding electrical service)
0-1000 square feet
1001-1500 square feet
1501-2000 square feet
2001-2400 square feet
2401 square feet and over
      3.   Electrical Inspection Fees: The term circuit shall mean any set of branch circuit conductors which have been extended from a distribution center occupying a single space in the panel to be utilized for the transmission of energy.
The inspection fees for 15 and 20 ampere-branch circuits shall be $7.00 per circuit for 1-50 circuits. Each additional circuit over 50 circuits shall be $14.00 per circuit.
The inspection fee for branch circuits exceeding 20 amperes shall be $15.00 per circuit.
      4.   The inspection fee for electric motors or current consuming devices other than lighting fixtures shall be as follows:
First motor or device
Each additional device
      5.   General Inspection Fees:
Standard fire/burglar alarm system
Emergency lighting system
Motor control center
Minimum electrical fee
C.B. and ham radio antennas
Visual communications system
Aural communications system
Subsection 109.7.2 Plumbing Permit Fees:
Permit Fees:
Each plumbing fixture
Each floor drain
Each clean-out
Each hose bib
Water softener
Water heater
Sump pump
Ejector pump
Lawn sprinklers (single-family)
Lawn sprinklers (commercial)-minimum base
Lawn sprinklers (commercial) per (1,000 s.f.)
Sewer line repair, replacement, clean-out
Plumbing fee (minimum)
Sewer inspection
Water inspection
Fire sprinkler system (per 1,000 s.f.)
Fire sprinkler system (minimum)
Reinspection fee
Subsection 109.7.3 Sign Permit Fees:
(Additional fees may be required for electrical inspections)
Permit Fees:
Non-illuminated signs
   Additional square footage charge
Illuminated signs
   Additional square footage charge
Subsection 109.8 Reinspection Fees:
109.8 Reinspection Fees: Wherever a reinspection on any phase of construction is required due to the original phase of construction not being ready for inspection when requested by the permit holder, builder or contractor, there shall be an additional fee to the permit holder for each reinspection, based on most current permit and inspection fee schedule.
Subsection 110.3.1 Footing And Foundation Inspections:
Add sentence: A soil test shall be performed on the bearing soil at the corners of all foundations, as required by the building official.
Subsection 110.3.9 Special Inspections:
Delete the paragraph in this subsection and insert the following:
Special Inspections: Special inspections shall be made in accordance with section 1704 and shall include the cost of third party plan review and inspection services.
Subsection 111.3 Temporary Occupancy:
Delete the section in its entirety and insert the following:
A temporary certificate of occupancy shall be issued for a maximum of six (6) months. To obtain a temporary certificate of occupancy the holder of the permit shall meet the following minimum requirements:
      1.   Permit holder shall sign a written affidavit stipulating the remaining work to be done and/or deficiencies, which must be corrected. Such affidavit may contain additional stipulations as from time to time be deemed in the best interest of the village of Streamwood by the code official. In addition to any other cash deposit or letters of credit on file with the village of Streamwood, such affidavit shall be co-signed by the owner, contract purchaser and/or the tenant; and
      2.   Post cash deposit in an amount equivalent to one and one- half (11/2) times the cost of completing and/or remedying all items stipulated in the affidavit, providing, however, that such amount shall not be less than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for a detached one-family dwelling. If required, the amount of the deposit for more than one-family dwelling buildings shall be pro-rated by the village manager or his designee based on the total dwelling units of the multiple occupancy building.
      3.   Failure of the permit holder of a temporary certificate of occupancy to accomplish all work necessary to obtain a final certificate of occupancy by the date established by the code official shall result in automatic forfeiture of the related cash deposit. The village of Streamwood shall use such forfeited funds to complete the work indicated on the affidavit attached to the temporary certificate of occupancy, which was issued for the premises. Such forfeiture shall not impair the right of the village to enforce any and all remedies available to it by reason of any violation, including the right to recover a fine or penalty or seek injunctive relief. Any balance remaining in the cash deposit not required to complete the work shall be refunded to the depositor minus the appropriate fees outlined below.
      4.   Upon the issuance of a temporary certificate of occupancy an additional fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) for each inspection shall be required if more than one inspection of the building or structure is requested to determine compliance to the code for final certificate of occupancy.
      5.   In addition, the depositor shall also be required to pay to the village five (5) percent of the amount of the cash deposit for administrative services relating to the temporary certificate of occupancy procedures outlined herein.
Subsection 111.5 House Numbers:
111.5 House Numbers: Address Numbers: All lots, buildings and structures in the village of Streamwood shall be numbered in accordance with the street numbering plan of the village, and the village clerk shall keep a chart showing the proper street number.
Subsection 111.5.1 Location Of House Numbers:
111.5.1 Locations:
      1.   Main Entrance: The main entrance of all buildings shall have a street address number visible from the street.
      2.   Rear Entrance: The rear entrance of all buildings shall have a street address number, except single-family residential dwellings.
      3.   Multiple Doors: Doors located within the exterior perimeter of all buildings that are in addition to the main entrance or main rear entrance shall be identified with address numbers or other approved designation by the code official. The additional doors do not have to be means of egress doors, except detached one and two family dwellings.
      4.   Illumination: All required doors to be identified shall be provided with an electric photocell lighting to illuminate the exterior door entrance and identification.
Subsection 111.5.2 Size Of House Numbers:
111.5.2 Size: Size Of Numbers: Address numbers shall be a contrasting color to the background and a minimum of four (4) inches in height, and a minimum of one-half (1/2) inch stroke. The code official shall approve other identifying information on doors.
Subsection 114.4 Violation Penalties:
Delete the paragraph in its entirety and insert the following:
114.4 Violation Penalties: Any person who shall violate a provision of this code or shall fail to comply with any of the requirements thereof or who shall erect, construct, alter or repair a building or structure in violation of an approved plan or directive of the code official, or of a permit or certificate issued under the provisions of this code, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of no more than $750.00 or less than $50.00. Each day that a violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense.
Subsection 115.3 Unlawful Continuance:
Delete the text in this subsection in its entirety and insert the following:
115.3 Unlawful Continuance: Any person who shall continue any work in or about the structure after having been served with a stop work order, except such work as that person is directed to perform to remove a violation or unsafe conditions, shall be subject to a fine of not less than $50.00 or more than $750.00.
Subsection 117.1 General Workmanship:
117.1 General: All work shall be conducted, installed and completed in a workmanlike and acceptable manner so as to secure the results intended by this code.
Amend High Rise Buildings to delete 75 feet and insert 50 feet in lieu thereof.
(Ord. 2015-11, 5-21-2015)