A.   Purpose: This title is adopted to the end that:
      1.   Adequate natural light, pure air, privacy, convenient access to property, and safety from fire, explosion, noxious fumes, panic and other dangers may be secured;
      2.   Overcrowding of land may be prevented;
      3.   Undue concentration of population may be avoided;
      4.   Taxable value of land and structures throughout the village may be conserved;
      5.   Congestion in the public streets and highways may be lessened or avoided;
      6.   Hazards to persons and damage to property resulting from the accumulation of runoff of storm or flood waters may be lessened or avoided;
      7.   Sites, areas and structures of historical, architectural and aesthetic importance may be preserved and enhanced;
      8.   A rational pattern of relationships between various uses of land may be promoted;
      9.   Public health, safety, comfort, morals, and general welfare may otherwise be promoted and maintained;
      10.   The optimum use of the land and other natural resources of the village may be promoted; and
      11.   Other goals and objectives of the comprehensive plan may be advanced.
   B.   Intent: To achieve these ends, this title sets forth regulations and standards to:
      1.   Determine and regulate the intensity of land use and the area of permanent open space;
      2.   Classify, regulate and restrict the intensity of land use and location of buildings, structures and land intended for business, residential, and other specified uses and provide for special uses;
      3.   Divide the village into zoning districts of such character, number, shape and area as are best suited to effect the foregoing purposes;
      4.   Protect such districts from encroachments by incompatible uses and structures;
      5.   Fix zoning standards within each district to which uses and structures therein shall comply;
      6.   Regulate and limit the height and bulk of structures hereafter erected;
      7.   Establish, regulate, and limit setback lines along all public ways and property lines;
      8.   Regulate additions to, and alterations or remodeling of, existing structures so as to comply with the restrictions and limitations lawfully imposed in this title;
      9.   Provide for the gradual elimination of structures and uses which are presently incompatible with the character of the districts in which they are located;
      10.   Define and limit the powers and duties of the municipal officers and bodies as provided in this title; and
      11.   Prescribe penalties for the violation of the provisions of this title or any amendment hereto. (Ord. 2009-34, 12-3-2009, eff. 1-1-2010)