(a)   No person shall permit himself to become part of any assemblage of three or more persons within the corporate limits when, having been asked to disperse by a law enforcement officer, this assemblage or any of its members continues to:
      (1)   Be boisterous, disorderly, rude, noisy or indecent so as to disturb the peace and good order of the City;
      (2)   Use vulgar, indecent, profane or lascivious language directed toward others or members of the assemblage;
      (3)   Destroy property or threaten or attempt to destroy property without the consent of the owner thereof;
      (4)   Trespass upon the lands of another without having been first invited, or having been invited upon real premises, including business establishments, continue to remain thereupon despite having been requested to take leave therefrom by a person having lawful control of the premises or by a police officer lawfully acting hereunder;
      (5)   Fail to obey the lawful instructions of a police officer given in the execution of the duties of his office;
      (6)   Become disruptive of and hazardous to vehicular and pedestrian movements;
      (7)   Interrupt or disturb another lawful assemblage or a person while he is at or about the place of lawful assemblage which is to be held or is or has been held;
      (8)   Commit or threaten to commit an act of force, violence or physical harm upon the person of another;
      (9)   Use or attempt to use a firearm or other deadly weapon, dynamite, fireworks, except as permitted by law, explosive or any incendiary device;
      (10)   Urge, encourage or incite others to riot;
      (11)   Intend to do a lawful act with unlawful force and violence in such a manner as to create a clear and present danger to the safety of any person or property;
      (12)   Intentionally prevent or coerce official action, or hinder, impede or obstruct a function of government; or
      (13)   Intend to commit or facilitate the commission of a crime.
   (b)   A law enforcement officer of the City or any special police officer, sheriff, deputy sheriff, highway patrolman, member of the organized militia or member of the United States Armed Forces when called to duty to protect against domestic violence, shall, forthwith upon view or as soon as may be on information, and unless prevented by any person violating any of the provisions of this section may order that person to desist and disperse to his home or place of employment.  The order shall be given by such means and as often as necessary to reasonably insure that it is heard, unless the giving or hearing of the order is prevented by the person in the unlawful assemblage.  No person shall refuse or knowingly fail to obey the order.
   (c)   Whoever violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree. 
(1979 Code 132.12)