1509.05  RAZING; FEES.
   (a)   Upon request to the Fire Chief by the lawful owner of real property whereupon  a nuisance or hazard might exist by reason of a dilapidated and deteriorated structure, and upon the signing of a release and authorization by the property owner, the Fire Department is authorized to raze and burn that structure at the convenience of the Fire Department in order to remove the dangerous hazard or nuisance and to serve useful training purposes.
   (b)   The following schedule of fees and deposits attendant to the services performed by the Fire Department are established.  These fees and deposits shall be payable to the Director of Finance:
      (1)   In districts wherein hydrants are available, small houses, meaning single-floor structures having dimensions of twenty feet by twenty-four feet or less or single-floor domestic garages or out-buildings, fifty dollars ($50.00).
      (2)   Other single-family houses or structures with single floors having rooms or dimensions exceeding those mentioned in subsection (b)(1) hereof, one hundred dollars ($100.00).
      (3)   Multi-floor structures wherein the attic area is considered an additional floor, one hundred dollars ($100.00) per floor.
      (4)   Employment of police personnel where deemed necessary by the Fire Chief, at an hourly rate to be determined by Council.
   (c)   In districts wherein hydrant service is not available, the fees provided for in subsection (b) hereof shall be increased according to the personnel, equipment and safety standards deemed necessary by the Fire Chief to accomplish the razing.  The additional fee shall be payable from a refundable deposit of an additional one hundred percent (100%) of the basic fee herein established which shall be deposited with the Director of Finance at the time of the paying of the basic fee.  Lawful charges may be made by the Fire Chief against the deposit for the employment of police personnel assigned to traffic duty where the Fire Chief deems it necessary during the razing operations and when burning occurs outside a hydrant district and additional personnel, equipment and supplies are deemed necessary by the Fire Chief.  Any other extraordinary charges having to do with protection from unusual hazards during the razing operations in any district shall also be chargeable against the deposit.  Any balance left in the deposit shall be refunded to the owner.
(1979 Code 94.34)