(a)   General Procedure. Major subdivisions shall be approved in four stages: the preliminary discussion, the preliminary plan, the improvement plan, and the final plat.
   (b)   Preliminary Discussion. The subdivider shall consult with the director of development, the City Engineer, and the sanitary.
   (c)   Preliminary Plans:
      (1)   Submission of preliminary plans. The subdivider shall make application to the Planning Commission for approval of a preliminary plan. All information required by Section 1119.02 shall be submitted to the Commission on the preliminary plan as follows:
         A.   One copy of the application and the required fee; and
         B.   Sixteen copies of the preliminary plan, including a vicinity map.
      (2)   Action by the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission shall approve, conditionally approve, or reject the preliminary plan. The action shall be entered on the official records of the Commission and a copy of the preliminary plan with action noted kept on file. If approved or conditionally approved, two copies of the plan shall be sent to the Clerk of Council.
      (3)   Effect of approval. Approval of a preliminary plan is not an acceptance of the subdivision for record. It is an approval of a general plan as a guide for the subdivision for record. It is an approval of a general plan as a guide for the preparation of improvement plans and a subdivider plat for final approval and recording upon fulfillment of all requirements of these subdivision regulations. Approval of a preliminary plan shall be effective for a period of one year following the date of approval, unless an extension of time is granted by the Planning Commission. Upon expiration of a preliminary plan approval, no approval of a final plat shall be given until the preliminary plan has been resubmitted and approved.
   (d)   Final Plats:
      (1)   Submission of final plats. The subdivider shall make application to the Planning Commission for approval of a final plat. The final plat submitted shall conform to the approved preliminary plan. Subdivisions shall be submitted for final approval in consecutive sections, unless otherwise approved by the Planning Commission. All items required by Section 1119.04 shall be submitted, including the original tracing and ten copies of the final plan and vicinity map. The subdivision may be developed in approved phases.
      (2)   Submission of improvement plans. The Engineer representing the developer shall prepare improvement plans which shall conform to the approved preliminary plan and shall include all phases of the work to be performed to make the land suitable for development into the proposed use. These plans shall be complete and precise in all details. The original and two copies shall be submitted to the City Engineer. The City Engineer shall approve the plans before any improvements are constructed.
         A.   All proposed improvements for open space, natural area preservation, or recreational purposes shall be included in the construction plans for the subdivision and shall be covered in the financial guarantees for performance and maintenance. All construction plans for subdivisions, in which land is proposed for open space, natural area preservation, or recreational use shall be referred to the director of parks and recreation for review and recommendation prior to approval by the City Engineer:
         B.   Five copies of the preliminary plan showing the final location of trees in the street rights-of-way as specified by the tree maintenance board shall be submitted. Copies shall be retained by the director of public service and the City Engineer, a copy shall be returned to the subdivider, and copies shall be placed in the files of the tree maintenance board and Planning Commission.
      (3)   Action:
         A.   No plat shall be recorded in the office of the county recorder until the plat has been formally approved by the Planning Commission and Council and endorsed by the chairman of the Planning Commission, the Clerk of Council, the Chairman of the Planning Committee of Council, the Mayor, and the City Engineer, each of which approvals shall be endorsed on the face of the plat. Before the City Engineer endorses his signature upon any plat or subdivision of lands, he shall calculate block closures and assess the fees therefore to the owner or subdivider, according to the rates established by the City.
         B.   The approval of any plat shall not constitute an acceptance by the City of the dedication to the public of any street or other open space shown thereon. A specific ordinance of Council shall be required for acceptance of any dedication for public use. The original tracing of the plat shall be retained by the City Engineer, who shall record the plat with the subdivider paying all recording costs.