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   If the violator does not correct/abate the violation or provide an acceptable schedule to correct/abate the violation or does not comply with the schedule, a citation for a County infraction may be issued.  Any County employee authorized to enforce the Board of Health Ordinance may issue a citation.  A citation shall be issued according to the following procedure:
   1.   A County infraction is punishable by the following civil penalties established in the Code of Iowa 331.
   2.   A citation may be issued only after the following criteria have been met:
      A.   The issuance of the citation is authorized by the EH Director;
      B.   The citation is signed by the authorized employee issuing the citation prior to issuance/service to the violator;
      C.   The citation contains all information as required by State law, including:
         (1)   The name and address of the violator;
         (2)   The name or description of the infraction attested to by the authorized employee issuing the citation;
         (3)   The location and time of the infraction;
         (4)   The amount of the civil penalty (fine) to be assessed or the alternate relief sought, or both;
         (5)   The manner, location and time in which the penalty may be paid;
         (6)   The time and place of court appearance; and
         (7)   The penalty for failure to appear in court.
   3.   The citation may be served by personal service or by certified mail return receipt requested.
   4.   Each day each violation continues after the compliance date established on the citation may be deemed a separate County infraction.
   5.   Upon issuance of a citation, one copy shall be given to the Clerk of Court’s Office.
   6.   All citations shall be numbered, and the EH Director shall keep a record of all citations issued or voided and shall be responsible for delivering a copy of the citation to the Clerk of Court.
   7.   The employee issuing the citation shall appear in court when the hearing is held.