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   All water supplies, wells, and water distribution systems existing within Story County and its incorporated communities shall comply with the rules of the State of Iowa and the regulations of the Board of Health.  Existing wells and water supplies shall be inspected and analyzed by the EH in the following circumstances:
   1.   Prior to or during any time of transfer of real estate (including, but not limited to, contract sales or family property transfers) on which the water well or system is located.  The seller of the property shall obtain an inspection report from EH and shall present it to the buyer prior to or during the negotiation of the property transfer.  Wells requiring inspection include active wells, secondary water source wells, stand-by wells, and abandoned wells.  Closed circuit vertical heat exchange wells do not require inspection.
   2.   If a water well or distribution system is believed to be a health hazard or nuisance, or in violation of the Board of Health regulations.
   3.   When a complaint regarding a water well or distribution system is received EH shall initiate complaint investigations within three business days of receiving a formal complaint.