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   Unprotected wells or distribution systems include, but are not limited to:
   1.   Buried wells.
   2.   Wells in frost pits that are not protected from flooding by a functional drain, or sump pit and pump, to contain the amount of surface water in the pit at a level of at least one foot below the top of the wellhead casing.
   3.   Wells in frost pits where the structure of the frost pit is deteriorated, at risk of collapse, or no longer protects the well and its distribution system from the elements, surface/storm water run-in, freezing, and from vermin infestation.
   4.   Above grade wellheads that terminate less than one foot above finished grade, the pump house floor, or the highest known 100-year flood level.
   5.   Wells lacking a proper cap or sanitary seal.
   6.   Wells with deteriorated casings, linings, or faulty construction.
   7.   Wells that are at high risk to contamination from a pollution source.
   8.   Distribution systems that are cross-connected to an unknown or non-approved water source or source of contamination.
   9.   Wells with hand pumps that do not have a sufficient seal or flange between the pump and the well casing to adequately prevent the entry of surface water, dirt, animals, insects, or other foreign matter.