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Upon consideration of the factors listed above, the Board of Adjustment may attach conditions to the granting of variances as it deems necessary to further the purpose of this chapter. Such conditions may include, but not necessarily be limited to:
   1.   Modification of waste disposal and water supply facilities.
   2.   Limitation of periods of use and operation.
   3.   Imposition of operational controls, sureties, and deed restrictions.
   4.   Requirements for construction of channel modifications, dikes, levees, and other protective measures, provided such are approved by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and are deemed the only practical alternative to achieving the purpose of this chapter.
   5.   Flood proofing measures. Flood proofing measures shall be designed consistent with the flood protection elevation for the particular area, flood velocities, durations, rate of rise, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic forces, and other factors associated with the regulatory flood. The Board of Adjustment shall require that the applicant submit a plan or document certified by a registered professional engineer that the flood proofing measures are consistent with the regulatory flood protection elevation and associated flood factors for the particular area.