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In passing upon applications for variances, the Board shall consider all relevant factors specified in other sections of this chapter and:
   1.   The danger to life and property due to increased flood heights or velocities caused by encroachments.
   2.   The danger that materials may be swept on to other land or downstream to the injury of others.
   3.   The proposed water supply and sanitation systems and the ability of these systems to prevent disease, contamination and unsanitary conditions.
   4.   The susceptibility of the proposed facility and its contents to flood damage and the effect of such damage on the individual owner.
   5.   The importance of the services provided by the proposed facility to the County.
   6.   The requirements of the facility for a floodplain location.
   7.   The availability of alternative locations not subject to flooding for the proposed development.
   8.   The compatibility of the proposed development with existing development and development anticipated in the foreseeable future.
   9.   The relationship of the proposed development to the comprehensive plan and floodplain management program for the area.
   10.   The safety of access to the property in times of flood for ordinary and emergency vehicles.
   11.   The expected heights, velocity, duration, rate of rise and sediment transport of the floodwater expected at the site.
   12.   The cost of providing governmental services during and after flood conditions, including maintenance and repair of public utilities (sewer, gas, electrical and water systems), facilities, streets and bridges.
   13.   Such other factors which are relevant to the purpose of this chapter.