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   1.   Hearings. Upon the filing with the Board of Adjustment of an appeal, an application for a conditional use or a request for a variance, the Board shall hold a public hearing. The Board shall fix a reasonable time for the hearing and give public notice thereof, as well as due notice to parties in interest. At the hearing, any party may appear in person or by agent or attorney and present written or oral evidence. The Board may require the appellant or applicant to provide such information as is reasonably deemed necessary and may request the technical assistance and/or evaluation of a professional engineer or other expert person or agency, including the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.
   2.   Decisions. The Board shall arrive at a decision on an appeal, conditional use or variance within a reasonable time. In passing upon an appeal, the Board may, so long as such action is in conformity with the provisions of this chapter, reverse or affirm, wholly or in part, or modify the order, requirement, decision, or determination appealed from, and it shall make its decision, in writing, setting forth the findings of fact and the reasons for its decision. In granting a conditional use or variance, the Board shall consider such factors as contained in this section and all other relevant sections of this chapter and may prescribe such conditions as contained herein.