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80.23   VARIANCES.
The Board of Adjustment may authorize upon request in specific cases such variances from the terms of this chapter which will not be contrary to the public interest where, owing to special conditions, a literal enforcement of the provisions of this chapter will result in unnecessary hardship. All variances granted shall have the concurrence or approval of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Variances granted must meet the following applicable standards.
   1.   Variances shall only be granted upon: (i) a showing of good and sufficient cause; (ii) a determination that failure to grant the variance would result in exceptional hardship to the applicant; and (iii) a determination that the granting of the variance will not result in increased flood heights, additional threats to public safety, extraordinary public expense, create nuisances, cause fraud on or victimization of the public or conflict with existing local codes or ordinances.
   2.   Variances shall not be issued within any designated floodway if any increase in flood levels during the one percent annual chance or greater flood would result. Consideration of the effects of any development on flood levels shall be based upon the assumption that an equal degree of development would be allowed for similarly situated lands.
   3.   Variances shall only be granted upon a determination that the variance is the minimum necessary, considering the flood hazard, to afford relief.
   4.   In cases where the variance involves a lower level of flood protection for structures than what is ordinarily required by this chapter, the applicant shall be notified in writing over the signature of the Floodplain Manager that: (i) the issuance of a variance will result in increased premium rates for flood insurance up to amounts as high as $25.00 for $100.00 of insurance coverage; and (ii) such construction increases risks to life and property.