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The individual sewage treatment system and all components must be maintained in compliance with this chapter and the septic system manufacturer's requirements.
   1.   Septic tanks and pump chambers shall be pumped at least every five years, or more frequently, if required by the system's manufacturer.
   2.   Septage shall be disposed of in accordance with state, federal, and local requirements.
   3.   The owner of a property with a septic system, or a person, working in Story County who is a licensed Commercial Septic Tank Cleaner as defined in Environmental Protection (567) IAC 68.2(455B) shall maintain the following records and submit them to EH:
      A.   Location (address) of the serviced tank.
      B.   Method of septage disposal (land applied or municipal treatment plant).
      C.   Volume of septage disposed.
      D.   General condition of the system (good, fair, poor).
   4.   EH shall maintain a tracking system for the information above.