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The purpose of the final inspection is to collect field data in order to document the system's description and location, to determine if the permit intent was accomplished, and to assess the workmanship. The field data collected during the inspection documents the conditions at the time of the inspection, but does not necessarily sanction a system as being in compliance with the requirements of 567 IAC 69. This ordinance shall not be construed to relieve from or lessen the responsibilities of any person, partnership, or corporation owning, operating, or installing septic systems, construction, or equipment, for the damage to property or persons injured by any defect therein. Nor shall Story County or any agent thereof be deemed to assume any such liability by reason of the inspection authorized herein or the certificate of installation issued by the EH. It is the responsibility of the certified installer to ensure that all septic system installations are performed in accordance with the provisions of Environmental Protection (567) IAC 69 and Story County Ordinance Chapter 65.