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   1.   Soil-based treatment is the preferred method of treatment and septic system placement shall be a key part of the planning phase for subdivisions. Establishing lot sizes, lot lines, green spaces, easements, and road placement for a subdivision shall consider the soils, slope, waterways and sensitive environmental areas, providing for soil-based wastewater treatment as much as possible. Cluster systems (multiple houses using a shared system) are recommended for subdivisions in close proximity to a municipal sanitary sewer service area with potential to be incorporated within the city's growth area. Cluster systems shall have a maintenance contract for the life of the system.
   2.   The final plat for a subdivision shall show the area proposed for the septic system for each lot, based on soil maps, contours, waterways, setbacks, proposed wells, and probable house placement. Soil coring is not required for this step. Prior to any construction, or earth moving in the subdivision, the septic system area shall be cordoned off to protect the soil from construction related compaction.