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The site evaluation report shall include, at a minimum:
   1.   Descriptions of the soil cores to at least 60", or to the depth of the identified limiting layer.
   2.   Soil core locations, shown on a map or diagram.
   3.   Depth to limiting layer and type of limiting layer.
   4.   Soil loading rates and or percolation rates.
   5.   Recommended septic system type.
   6.   Options for system location.
   7.   Easements required for the construction, placement, or maintenance of the septic system not located on the septic owner's property.
   8.   Diagram showing the location and setbacks of existing/proposed water wells, geothermal wells, horizontal geothermal loops, buildings, waterways, subsurface tiles, buried utilities, known locations of buried rubble, existing easements that may impact the construction of the septic system.