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Water service shall be furnished at the following monthly rates within the City:
(Code of Iowa, Sec. 384.84)
   1.   Base Rate (Minimum Bill). Each customer, including each individual rental unit within a rental property served by a single meter, shall pay a base rate of $20.04 per month. Consumers with yard meters shall pay an additional base rate of $6.22 per month for each yard meter.
   2.   Usage Rate. In addition to the base rate, each customer shall pay for water used at the rate of $6.22 for any amount up to 100 cubic feet and $6.22 per 100 cubic feet for amounts over 100 cubic feet, prorated to the actual amount used. This usage rate shall increase by $0.20 per 100 cubic feet beginning with the November 2021 billing, and an additional $0.20 each November in the years 2022. 2023 and 2024.
The Base Rate shall automatically increase by 3 percent (3%) or an amount equal to the increase in the Consumer Price Index, whichever increase is less, at the November billing each year.
(Ord. 340 – Sep. 23 Supp.)