All licensees operating mobile food units, with the exception of exempt groups or vendors as provided in § 116.04, are required to comply with the additional following standards and conditions.
   (A)   License. Mobile food units must be licensed by the Minnesota Health Department and must adhere to state regulations for food trucks as provided in Food Code Chapter 4626.1860, Mobile Food Establishments; Seasonal Temporary Food Stands; Seasonal Permanent Food Stands. Evidence of the state license must be provided to the city as part of the local license application. Licenses are issued on an annual basis and permit mobile food units to operate at up to four locations in the community during the course of the year, not to exceed 21 days per location.
   (B)   Location. A mobile food unit may only operate in accordance with the following.
      (1)   Mobile food units are permitted in private commercial, industrial, public/institutional parking lots and on private residential property, with the written consent of the private property owner, for a "one-time" event. When operations occur on private residential property, mobile food unit sales may only be for catering purposes (such as a private graduation party or wedding) and not open for sales to the general public.
      (2)   Mobile food units must be a minimum of five feet from driveways and side and rear property lines.
      (3)   Mobile food units cannot be located within 300 feet from the perimeter of any pre-approved festival, sporting event, or civic event unless the licensee operating the mobile food unit submits written verification to the City Clerk that the licensee is authorized to operate the mobile food unit as part of the festival, sporting event, or civic event.
      (4)   Mobile food units may not operate within 100 feet from a public entrance to any restaurant and/or within 100 feet from any portion of a restaurant's outdoor dining area during that restaurant's hours of operation unless the licensee obtains permission from restaurant owner.
      (5)   Mobile food units may not be operated in city-owned parking lots, except those parking lots adjacent to or inside a city park in conjunction with a special event approved by the city.
   (C)   Standards. A mobile food unit licensee is subject to the following performance standards.
      (1)   Trash, recycling containers, and cleanup must be provided. The mobile food unit licensee is responsible for daily removal of trash, litter, recycling, and refuse from the area surrounding the operation of the mobile food unit. Trash and recycling containers must be equipped with a tight-fitting lid and located within five feet of the mobile food unit.
      (2)   A mobile food unit must have its own independent power supply, which is screened from view and complies with city's noise regulations. Generators are permitted.
      (3)   A licensed operator of a mobile food unit must lawfully dispose of gray water daily. Gray water may not be drained into city storm water drains.
      (4)   Mobile food units may not be operated between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. An exception to these hour restrictions may be authorized by City Council on a per event basis.
      (5)   Mobile food units must be located on a paved surface and may not be operated in a traffic lane, on a sidewalk or trail, or in any location which causes an obstruction of traffic. A mobile food unit may be operated on a public street for a private event in a residential zoning district, with location approval from the city and receipt by the city of the licensee's signed indemnification and hold harmless agreement in a form prepared by the city.
      (6)   A mobile food unit may not occupy more than two off-street parking spaces. The city shall determine if there is adequate off-street parking to serve both the principal and the mobile food unit use of the property.
      (7)   A mobile food unit may have a maximum bumper to bumper length of no more than 30 feet.
      (8)   Mobile food units shall not be left unattended nor remain at an authorized location outside allowed hours of operation.
      (9)   Mobile food units must close during adverse weather conditions when shelter is not provided.
      (10)   Mobile food units may not travel in or on public sidewalks or trails.
      (11)   Mobile food units shall comply with all applicable Fire Codes. A licensee shall allow a mobile food unit to be inspected by a City Fire Official prior to operation.
(Ord. 1903, passed 6-25-19) Penalty, see § 116.99