The following shall be grounds for denying a mobile food unit license:
   (A)   The failure of an applicant to obtain, or failure to demonstrate proof of having obtained, any required state and/or county license;
   (B)   The failure of an applicant to truthfully provide any information requested by the city as part of the application process;
   (C)   The failure of an applicant to sign the license application;
   (D)   The failure of an applicant to pay the required fee at the time of application;
   (E)   A conviction within the previous five years of the date of the application for any violation of any federal or state statute or regulation, or of any city ordinance or code requirement, which adversely reflects upon the applicant's ability to operate a business for which the license is being sought in a professional, honest, and legal manner. Such violation shall include, but is not limited to, burglary, theft, larceny, swindling, fraud, unlawful business practices, and any form of actual or threatened physical harm against another person;
   (F)   The revocation within the previous five years of any license issued to an applicant for the purpose of operating as a mobile food unit; and/or
   (G)   When an applicant has a bad business reputation. Evidence of a bad business reputation shall include, but is not limited to, the existence of more than three complaints against an applicant with the Better Business Bureau, the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General or other state attorney general's office, or other similar business or consumer rights office or agency, within the preceding 12 months, or three complaints filed with the city against an applicant within the preceding five years.
(Ord. 1903, passed 6-25-19) Penalty, see § 116.99