(a)    If Council rejects the plan and ordinance, or amends it, then it shall be returned to the Planning Commission, along with a written explanation of the reasons for its rejection or amendment.
   (b)    The Planning Commission shall have forty-five days in which to consider the rejection or amendment and report back to Council. If the Commission approves the amendment, the ordinance shall stand as adopted by Council. If the Commission disapproves of the rejection or amendment, it shall state its reasons for such disapproval in the report, and Council shall again consider the plan and ordinance, and its action in rejecting or amending the plan and ordinance, after such consideration, shall be final.
   (c)    In case the Commission does not file a report with Council within forty-five days, the action in rejecting or amending the plan and ordinance shall be final.
(Passed 3-20-79.)