1305.02  CONTENTS.
   The comprehensive plan may include the following or a study of the following:
   (a)    Careful and comprehensive surveys and studies of existing conditions and the probable future growth of the Municipality.
   (b)    Maps, plats, charts and descriptive material presenting basic information, locations, extent and character of any of the following:
      (1)    History, population and physical site conditions;
      (2)    Land use, including the height, area, bulk, locations; and use of private and public structures and premises;
      (3)    Population densities;
      (4)    Community centers and neighborhood units;
      (5)    Blighted and slum areas;
      (6)    Streets, including bridges, viaducts, parkways, and other public ways  and places;
      (7)    Sewers, sanitation and drainage, including handling, treatment and disposal of excess drainage waters, sewage, garbage, refuse, wastes, ashes, trash and other similar matters;
      (8)    Stream pollution;
      (9)    Flood control and prevention;
      (10)    Public and private utilities, including water, light, heat, communication and other services;
      (11)    Transportation, including rail, bus, truck, air and water transport and their terminal facilities;
      (12)    Local mass transportation, including busses; street, elevated or underground railways and taxicabs;
      (13)    Parks and recreation, including parks, playgrounds, reservations, forests, public grounds, and spaces and facilities of a recreational nature;
      (14)    Public buildings and institutions, including governmental administration and service buildings, hospitals, infirmaries, clinics, penal and correctional institutions and other civic and social service buildings;
      (15)    Education, including location and extent of schools;
      (16)    Land utilization, including residence, industry, agriculture, forests and other uses;
      (17)    Conservation of water, soil, agricultural and mineral resources; and
      (18)    Any other factors which are a part of the physical, economic, or social situation within the City.
   (c)    Reports, maps, charts and recommendations setting forth plans for the development, redevelopment, improvement, extension and revision of the subjects set out in subsection (b) hereof so as to substantially accomplish the objective set forth in Section 1301.02.
   (d)    A long-range development program of public works projects, based on the recommended plans of the Commission, for the purpose of eliminating unplanned, unsightly, untimely and extravagant projects and with a view to stabilizing industry and employment, and the keeping of such program up to date by yearly revisions.
   (e)    A long-range financial program of governmental expenditures in order that such development program may be carried out, and the keeping of such program up to date, for all separate taxing units within the City for the purpose of assuring efficient and economic use of public funds.
      (Passed 3-20-79.)