To effectuate the purposes of this article, the Planning Commission shall have the power, authority and duty to:
   (a)    Exercise general supervision of and make rules and regulations for the administration of the affairs of the Commission;
   (b)    Prescribe uniform rules and regulations pertaining to its investigations and hearings;
   (c)    Supervise the fiscal affairs and responsibilities of the Commission;
   (d)    Prescribe the qualification of, appoint, remove and fix the compensation of the employees of the Commission. Such compensation is to be in conformity to and in compliance with the salaries and compensation fixed by Council;
   (e)    Delegate to employees authority to perform ministerial acts in all cases, except where the final action of the Commission is necessary;
   (f)    Keep an accurate and complete record of all departmental proceedings, and records and file all bonds and contracts and assume responsibility for the custody and preservation of all papers and documents of the Commission;
   (g)    Make recommendations and an annual report to Council concerning the operation of the Commission and the status of planning within its jurisdiction;
   (h)    Prepare, publish, and distribute reports, ordinances, and other material relating to the activities authorized under this article;
   (i)    Prepare and submit an annual budget in the same manner as other Municipal departments. The Commission shall be limited in all expenditures to the provisions made therefore by Council;
   (j)    If deemed necessary, establish an advisory committee or committees; and
   (k)    Delegate to a committee composed of one or more members of the Commission, the power to hold any public hearings or conferences required or permitted under this article to be held by the Commission. If the hearing or conference is held by a committee, a written record of the substance of the hearing or conference shall be made and preserved with the records of the Commission for not less than five years. The committee shall have authority only to conduct the hearing and report to the Commission.
      (Passed 10-20-81.)