(a)    The Planning Commission shall consist of seven qualified voters all of whom shall be at least three year residents of the City. They shall be qualified by knowledge and experience in matters pertaining to the development of the City. They shall include representatives of business, industry and labor, and shall be nominated by the Mayor, subject to the confirmation of Council. One member of the Commission shall also be a member of Council of the City and another member shall also be a member of the administrative branch of the City. The term of these two members shall be co-extensive with the term of office to which they have been selected or appointed. Council and the Mayor, however, may designate others to serve as the City's representatives on the Commission, so long as such designation occurs at the first regular meeting of the Commission each year.
   (b)    The initial appointment of the remaining members of the Commission shall be in the following manner: one member shall be appointed to a one year term; two members shall each be appointed to two year terms; and two members shall each be appointed to three year terms. Thereafter, members shall be selected for terms of three years each. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term only, in the same manner as original selections are made. Members of the Commission shall serve at compensation to be determined by the governing body and shall be reimbursed for all necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties . (Passed 10-20-81.)