As used in this article:
   (a)    "Planning Commission" or "Commission" means the municipal planning commission of the City of St. Marys;
   (b)    "Comprehensive Plan" may mean a complete comprehensive plan or any of its parts such as a comprehensive plan of land use and zoning of thoroughfares, of sanitation, of recreation, and of other related matters. It may include such ordinance or ordinances as may be deemed necessary to implement such complete comprehensive plan;
   (c)    "Public place" includes any tracts owned by the City;
   (d)    "Streets" includes streets, avenues, boulevards, highways, roads, lanes, alleys and all public ways;
   (e)    "Unit of government" means any federal, State, regional, county or municipal government;
   (f)    "Utility" means any facility used in rendering service which the public has a right to demand; and
   (g)    "Governing body" means the common Council of the City of St. Marys.
      (Passed 10-20-81.)