The City shall make such inspections as are reasonably necessary in the enforcement of this chapter. The City Manager shall have the authority to establish and cause to be enforced such rules and regulations as may be reasonably necessary to enforce and carry out the intent of this article. Upon completion of the work, the applicant shall notify the City Manager of the fact of its completion and the City Manager shall make final inspection thereof. If such inspection is to the satisfaction of the City Manager, he/she shall so notify the permit holder and thereupon return the guarantee deposit. If the inspection discloses a defect or unsatisfactory work that is unacceptable to the City Manager, he/she shall notify the permittee of the defect or condition. The applicant shall have twenty-four hours in which to rectify the same or the City shall thereupon complete the restoration work and collect costs of completion of restoration from the applicant. (Ord. 2011-6.  Passed 9-20-11.)