All persons using the St. Marys Marina shall be subject to the following Rules and Regulations:
   (a)   The Marina area will be closed to general use between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. unless an activity has prior approval.
   (b)   All motor vehicles shall park or be operated in the areas of the roadways and parking lot unless prior approval is obtained.
   (c)   Damaging or defacing Marina property is prohibited.
   (d)   Posting of signs, circulars, and notices is prohibited unless prior approval is obtained.
   (e)   All trash, waste, or unsightly matter shall be disposed of in trash receptacles.
   (f)   No consumption of alcoholic liquor beverages permitted in vehicles or in open areas of the Marina.
   (g)   Swimming is prohibited in the Marina area.
   (h)   No open ground fires shall be permitted unless a burn permit has been obtained at City Hall. Cooking grills and fireboxes will be permitted.
   (i)   No dogs or other animals shall be allowed that are not leashed, caged, or otherwise securely restrained from running free. Persons in control of such animals shall be responsible for cleaning their waste and for any damages caused by such pet or animals.
   (j)   No deadly weapons shall be permitted or used in the open Marina area by any person or group unless permitted by state or federal statute, or authorized by prior approval.
   (k)   No boisterous, immoral, or indecent conduct shall be permitted. No radios, audio format players and amplification systems shall be used in a loud manner that will interfere with Marina neighbors or others using the Marina area, except when prior approval has been obtained.
   (l)   No camping, sleeping, or overnight activities will be permitted without prior approval and no use of utilities and services without the authorization of the City Manager. Upon such approval, a utility fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) per night will be charged for overnight use of the Marina facilities. Fees applicable to water, garbage, and electric usage are payable at City Hall.
   (m)   No fishing from the docks except for special events with prior approval.
      (Ord. 2011-7.  Passed 9-20-11.)