(a)   In replacing the surface or pavement of streets, alleys or other public ways or places, except sidewalks, the subsurface soil shall be thoroughly tamped. In the event the surface is of concrete construction, eight inches of concrete shall be laid the full length of the opening, hole, ditch, or trench, for the full width of the pavement. If the surface is of asphalt or black-top construction, the stone base shall be replaced at the same depth as the balance of the surface and the stone covered with the same material that is used on the balance thereof. If the surface is not paved, it shall be restored with the same kind of material as the original surface and, in any case, the surface shall be replaced in as good condition as it was before the excavation was made.
   (b)    In replacing the surface or paving of sidewalks, the same procedure as herein prescribed shall be followed; except, that five inches of concrete shall be required therefore; and, except, that when an excavation, opening or hole is made in a square of pavement, the entire square, to the nearest edging mark, if there be any, shall be replaced.
(Ord. 2011-6.  Passed 9-20-11.)