(a)    Whenever complaint is made to the Director of Public Service and Safety of the existence of a public nuisance, he shall promptly inspect or cause to be inspected the premises on which it is alleged such public nuisance exists. Should the Director find that a public nuisance does exist, he shall promptly notify the Fire Chief, the Auglaize County Health Commissioner, and the person, persons, firm, or corporation who appear to be the owners of the premises, and shall request the Commissioner to make an inspection thereof. The Director shall also leave a copy of such notice with the person in possession or charge of the premises, or if there is no such person, he shall post a copy of the notice on the premises. Such notice shall refer to the provisions of this chapter and shall state that unless such nuisance is abated proceedings will be taken in accordance herewith.
   (b)    Upon receipt of notice the Fire Chief shall inspect the premises and make a written report of his findings, which shall be filed with the Director of Public Service and Safety.
   (c)    Should the Fire Chief and the Director of Public Service and Safety find that a public nuisance exists and that the nature thereof is such as to require its summary abatement and, if the condition is within the prohibitions of Section 1321.01(d), (g) or (h) hereof; and the Health Commissioner concurs in such finding, the Director shall cause photographs to be made of such nuisance and within forty-eight hours thereafter take such action as is necessary to abate the nuisance at the expense of the owner or owners of the premises. In abating the nuisance the Director shall not be required to give any further notice to the owner or owners of the premises upon which the nuisance exists.
(Ord. 2136. Passed 3-13-67.)