(A)   Any person who enters upon land supported in whole or in part with village funds, or federal or state funds administered or granted through the village or any of its agencies, or any building on such land, after receiving, immediately prior to such entry, notice from the village or its representative that such entry is forbidden, or remains upon such land or in such building after receiving notice from the village or its representative to depart, and who thereby interferes with another person's lawful use or enjoyment of such building or land, shall be guilty of a violation of this section.
   (B)   A person has received notice from the village within the meaning of this section if notified personally, either orally or in writing, or if a printed or written notice forbidding such entry to such person or a group of which such person is a part, has been conspicuously posted or exhibited at the main entrance to such land or the forbidden part thereof. (2005 Code; amd. Ord. 2005-8, 5-24-2005)