Finances Generally
   34.01   Council budget
   34.02   Sale of vote tabulations by County Election Board
   34.03   Enhanced emergency telephone system
   34.04   Payment of certain property taxes in one installment
   34.05   Establishment of co-payments for health care related services incurred at the County Jail
   34.06   Uniform fee schedule for copies of documents
   34.07   Investment policy
County Funds
   34.15   Maintenance of petty cash as funds by certain departments of the county
   34.16   Cumulative Bridge Fund
   34.17   Drain Improvement and Maintenance Funds
   34.18   Major Bridge Fund
   34.19   Park and Recreation Gift and Grant Fund
   34.20   Park and Recreation Operating Fund
   34.21   Park and Recreation Capital Fund
   34.22   Portage Manor Farm Operating Fund
   34.23   Soldiers and Sailors Monument Restoration Fund
   34.24   Plat Book Maintenance Fund
   34.25   Drug Testing Fee Fund
   34.26   Adult Probation Drug Testing Fee Fund
   34.27   Prisoner Reimbursement Fund
   34.28   Non-reverting Groundwater Protection Fund
   34.29   Enhanced Access Fund
   34.30   Medical Care for Jail Inmates Fund
   34.31   Sales Disclosure Fund
   34.32   H1N1 Flu Virus Fund
   34.33   County Auditor’s Ineligible Deductions Fund
   34.34   County Elected Officials Training Fund
   34.35   Prosecutor IV-D Incentive Fund
   34.36   Prosecutor IV-D ARRA Fund
   34.37   Clerk IV-D Incentive Fund
   34.38   Clerk IV-D ARRA Fund
   34.39   General IV-D Incentive Fund
   34.40   County General IV-D ARRA Fund
   34.41   Non-reverting County Offender Transportation Fund
   34.42   County Coroner Non-reverting Fund
   34.45   Collection of fees by County Sheriff
   34.46   Collection of fees and fines by Ordinance Violations Bureau
   34.47   Use of electronic fund transfers for conduct of county financial transactions
   34.48   Jury fees
   34.49   Supplemental recording fee
   34.50   Sex or violent offender registration fee; address change fee
   34.51   Collection of service charges for bad checks
   34.52   Domestic Relations Counseling Bureau fee scale policies and procedures
   34.53   County Coroner service fee for non-county services
   34.54   Transfer fee for County Auditor real property enforcement
Purchase or Lease of American Made Vehicles
   34.60   Declaration of policy
   34.61   Definitions
   34.62   Purchase or lease of American made vehicles required
   34.63   Affidavits
   34.64   Waiver
   Fee schedule, see Appendix: Schedule of Fines and Fees