(A)   A County Emergency Operations Plan shall be adopted by resolution of the County Board of Commissioners.  In the preparation of this Plan, as it pertains to county organization, it is the intent that the services, equipment, facilities and personnel of all existing departments and agencies shall be utilized to the fullest extent possible.
   (B)   The Plan shall have, at minimum, the following contents:
      (1)   Basic Plan (Administrative Section) to include: financial management, authority and directives, legislative management, acronyms/abbreviations, terms and definitions;
      (2)   Quick Reference Section to include:  index and database;
      (3)   Operations Sections to include the following functions: coordination and control, communications/warning, public information, resource management, information and planning;
      (4)   Emergency Services Section to include the following sections:  military, law enforcement, firefighting, transportation, health and medical, search and rescue, public works and engineering; and
      (5)   Consequent Effects Sections to include the following sections:  evacuation, shelter/mass care, damage assessment, hazard specific, radiological protection and energy.
   (C)   In addition, all emergency services within the county shall:
      (1)   If they develop internal plans, assure that those plans are drafted subject to the requirements of the Plan;
      (2)   Coordinate internal plans with the Department of Emergency Management;
      (3)   Assure inclusion of internal plans within the county Plan;
      (4)   Perform the functions and duties assigned by the county Plan; and
      (5)   Maintain their portion of the plan in a current state of readiness at all times.
(Ord. 124-2000, passed 10-10-2000)