10.01   Title of code
   10.02   Interpretation
   10.03   Application to future ordinances
   10.04   Construction of code
   10.05   Rules of interpretation; definitions
   10.06   Severability
   10.07   Reference to other sections
   10.08   Reference to offices; name designations
   10.09   Errors and omissions
   10.10   Reasonable time
   10.11   Repeal or modification of code section
   10.12   Limitation periods
   10.13   Ordinances unaffected
   10.14   Ordinances which amend or supplement code
   10.15   Section histories; statutory references
   10.16   Preservation of penalties, offenses, rights and liabilities
   10.17   Prohibited acts include causing and permitting
   10.18   Construction; non-revivor
   10.99   General penalty
Statutory reference:
   Authorizing the codification of ordinances in Indiana counties, see I.C. 36-1-5-3
   Effect of publication of a printed codification of ordinances in book or pamphlet form, see I.C. 36-1-5-5