General Provisions
   33.01   Purpose
   33.02   Definitions
   33.03   General scope and intent; liberal construction of powers
   33.04   Limitations; nonsupersession of emergency powers of County Sheriff
   33.05   Limitations; nonsupersession of emergency powers of incorporated municipalities; conformance to municipal regulation with county regulations
County Emergency Management Program; Organization and Administration
   33.15   County Emergency Management Advisory Council established; appointment and terms of members
   33.16   Officers
   33.17   Duties of Advisory Council
   33.18   Organization and constituency of Department
   33.19   Director of Emergency Management; appointment, qualifications and tenure
   33.20   Director; general powers and duties
   33.21   Deputy Director; general powers and duties
   33.22   Principal Executive Officer and Board of Commissioners; general administrative powers and duties; tests of Emergency Operations Plan
   33.23   Emergency management volunteers; qualifications and appointment
   33.24   Departmental budgeting and finance
   33.25   Emergency Operations Plan; formulation, content and adoption
   33.26   County-wide jurisdiction of Department; County Emergency Operations Plan; related official powers
Emergency Powers, Regulations and Procedures
   33.40   Applicability of chapter
   33.41   Responsibilities of Department prior to declaration of local disaster emergency
   33.42   Special emergency powers and duties of Principal Executive Officer; declaration of local disaster emergency
   33.43   Convention of emergency meeting of Board of Commissioners; special meeting procedures
   33.44   Plenipotentiary powers in absence of Board quorum
   33.45   Special emergency powers and duties of Board of Commissioners
   33.46   Special emergency powers and duties of Director of Emergency Management
   33.47   General duties of officers and employees of incorporated and unincorporated areas during emergency
   33.48   Priority of emergency orders, rules and regulations
   33.49   Noncompliance with emergency orders, rules and regulations; obstruction or impersonation of emergency management authorities; penalties and enforcement
   33.50   Limitation of liability during state of emergency or emergency or emergency management tests
   33.51   Reimbursement for use of property commandeered during emergency