(A)   Purpose.  To protect drinking water supplies and public health, the Health Officer may establish wastewater administrative control areas where seepage or other releases of septic effluent are causing drinking water wells to exceed federal drinking water standards.
   (B)   Process.
      (1)   An Administrative Control Area may be established by:
         (a)   Issuing a public notice of the intent to establish an Administrative Control Area;
         (b)   Advising the potentially affected residents of the intent to establish an Administrative Control Area;
         (c)   Preparing a draft Administrative Control Plan which shall:
            1.   Identify the area to be included in the Administrative Control Area;
            2.   Summarize the current and potential health threat(s);
            3.   Identify the actions to be taken to reduce the threat to the drinking water supplies and public health; and
            4.   Identify the implementation schedule for the actions.
         (d)   The Health Department shall:
            1.   Hold a public meeting to accept comments on the draft Administrative Control Plan; and
            2.   Consider the public comments and prepare a Final Administrative Control Plan.
      (2)   The requirements of any Final Administrative Control Plan shall be binding on all persons within the Administrative Control Area.
      (3)   Among the requirements that the Health Department may consider for inclusion in an Administrative Control Plan are requiring:
         (a)   Routine maintenance programs for septic systems;
         (b)   An annual operating permit be obtained from the Health Department;
         (c)   Pretreatment systems be installed on all systems;
         (d)   New and replacement septic systems in the Administrative Control Area meet more strict design requirements;
         (e)   Structures within the Administrative Control Area be connected to a municipal water system including a system under the jurisdiction of the County Regional Water and Sewer District; and
         (f)   Other measures deemed appropriate and necessary by the Health Officer.
(Ord. 58-07, passed 7-17-2007; Am. Ord. 61-11, passed 5-10-2011; Am. Ord. 26-13, passed 5-14- 2013)