(A)   Damage to septic systems.  The owner of any property on which a damaged septic system is located shall repair or replace the system according to the requirements of the Health Department.
   (B)   Maintenance of septic systems.
      (1)   Property owners that have grease traps as part of their septic system shall have them pumped as often as necessary to prevent the release of grease, fats and oils directly into a septic tank.
      (2)    The Health Department may establish requirements for the pumping of any or all septic tanks and other reasonable and necessary routine maintenance activities.  Property owners shall follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations for any equipment installed.
      (3)   No person shall discharge or release any hazardous material or petroleum products into a septic system or connect the septic system to any tank used to store the materials.
   (C)   System protection.
      (1)   No person may construct any structure or other improvement over any septic tank, distribution box or absorption area.  The types of structures or improvements that are prohibited include but are not limited to a sidewalk, driveway, parking lot, paved or unpaved road, deck, swimming pool or shed.
      (2)   The Health Department may order the removal of any structure or other improvement constructed over a septic system and any necessary repair or replacement of the septic system caused by the construction.
(Ord. 58-07, passed 7-17-2007; Am. Ord. 61-11, passed 5-10-2011; Am. Ord. 26-13, passed 5-14- 2013)  Penalty, see § 51.99