General Provisions
   35.01   Legislative findings
   35.02   Definitions
   35.03   Interpretations
   35.04   Abatement tiers
   35.05   Base abatement
   35.06   Add-on abatement
Property Tax Abatements
   35.15   Industrial development general standards
   35.16   Warehouse development real property tax abatement
   35.17   Miscellaneous real property tax abatement guidelines
   35.18   Personal property tax abatement
Required Information; Applications
   35.30   Information required of applicant seeking tax abatement
   35.31   Statement of benefits; declaratory and confirmatory resolutions required
   35.32   Council’s review of declaratory resolution
   35.33   Confirmatory resolution
Enforcement and Compliance
   35.45   Requirement to appear and update information
   35.46   Failure of petitioner to comply may result in fines being imposed, termination of economic revitalization designation and/or repayment of taxes previously abated
County Excise Surtax and County Wheel Tax
   35.55   County Excise Surtax
   35.56   County Wheel Tax
   35.57   Motor vehicles exempted from County Wheel Tax
   35.58   Distribution of monies received
   35.59   Rescindment or reduction of County Excise Surtax and County Wheel Tax
   35.60   No conflict with federal laws
   35.61   Review to rescind County Excise Surtax and County Wheel Tax
   35.99   Penalty
   Affirmative action, see § 36.16