Water main extensions shall be made in accordance with one of the following plans.
   (A)   Payment of entire cost in advance. Any one or more property owners may request the City Commission to determine the feasibility and the estimated cost of the construction of a proposed water main extension to serve their premises. If the City Commission shall approve the proposed extension and determine the estimated construction coats, such property owners may deposit with the Water Department a sum equal to such estimated cost and the City Commission shall thereupon proceed with the construction. Any surplus in the deposit amount over and above the construction costs shall be refunded to the owner or owners or their agent. Should the construction cost exceed the deposit amount, the owner or owners shall pay the excess amount and no water taps shall be installed or water service rendered from the extension until the cost is paid in full.
   (B)   Construction by owner. In undedicated streets and in new subdivisions, the City Commission may permit the owner or owners to arrange for the laying of water main extensions by private contract, the work to be under the supervision of the Supervisor, however. In any such case, the City Commission shall require a deposit in a sum deemed adequate by the City Commission as a guarantee against defective workmanship or materials. Each deposit, less any sums expended by the Department for repair or replacement of defective work or materials, shall be refunded one year after the water main extension has been placed in service. No other refund of payment shall be made. In the construction of any such extension, the contractor shall use only duly inspected pipes, specials, valves and the like obtained from the Water Department upon payment of the cost thereof.
   (C)   Fifty percent petition. In the case of existing dedicated streets, the City Commission shall be authorized to construct water main extensions where practicable, upon application of the owners of 50% of the abutting foot frontage to be served by the proposed extension, accompanied by the payment of a charge per lineal abutting front foot of the property owned by the petitioner. When a water main extension has been constructed in accordance with this plan, which shall be known as Plan 3, water tap connections to such extension shall be permitted only to serve premises for which the front foot charge was collected at the time of filing the petition, provided that the owners of other property may be permitted to make connections upon payment of sums per front foot of the abutting premises owned by them. No part of the payment made in accordance with Plan 3 shall be refunded in any case.
   (D)   Construction without petition. Whenever the City Commission shall determine that it would be to the best interests of the water distribution system to construct a water main extension connecting two or more existing water mains, it shall construct such extension without the filing of any petition therefor or the making of any advance payment or deposit. After the completion of any such connecting water main extension, the City Commission shall cause all premises abutting the street or way in which such connecting extension is laid to be billed at a rate per front foot of their abutting property. No connecting tap shall be permitted to be made in any such extension until and unless the abutting front foot charge herein provided for shall have been paid in full.
   (E)   Construction outside the city. The entire cost of all mains constructed outside the city limits shall be defrayed by the property owners. The size, location and methods of construction shall be determined by the Department. If constructed by the Water Department, advance payment must be made before the work will be started. If the construction is done by the owners or their agents, plans and specifications will be furnished by the Department. All construction not performed by the city shall be under the city’s supervision and inspection and the cost of supervision and inspection defrayed by the property owners.
(1990 Code, § 2.33)