For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   APPOINTEE.  Any person appointed by the Mayor, the City Commission or the City Manager, to include appointee positions created by charter, ordinance or through a standing committee or board, whether in a paid or unpaid position for the City of St. Johns, acting in a policy making capacity in the performance of an official duty for the city.
   BUSINESS.  Any entity operated for economic gain, whether professional, industrial or commercial, and whether established to produce or deal with a product or a service, including but not limited to entities operated in the form of sole proprietorship, self-employed persons, partnership, corporation, joint stock company, joint venture, receivership, or trust; and entities which for purposes of taxation are treated as nonprofit organizations.
   BUSINESS WITH WHICH A PERSON IS ASSOCIATED.  Any business as defined above in which the person is a director, officer, owner, partner or employee, or a business with which the person has a direct and substantial financial relationship.
   COMPENSATION.  Any payment received for city employment, services, performance or participation as a board or commission member of the City of St. Johns.
   COMPLAINANT.  Any person who files a written formal complaint as provided in this chapter.
   CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.  Any information that is excepted as public information under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act or other state or federal law.
   ELECTED OFFICIAL.  Any elected City Commission member.
   FINANCIAL BUSINESS, COMMERCIAL, OR CONTRACTUAL INTEREST.  Any substantial direct or indirect pecuniary or material benefit accruing to an elected official or appointee as the result of a contract, vote or other transaction which is or may be subject to an official act or action by or with the City of St. Johns for purposes of this chapter.
   GIFTS.  Any tangible property, payment, subscription, advance, forbearance, rendering or deposit of money, services or other gratuity or thing of value which does not exceed $20 in value, but shall not include campaign contributions. When applying this definition to multiple gifts from the same source in the same calendar year, the cumulative dollar value of said gifts shall not exceed $50 in the aggregate.
   IMMEDIATE FAMILY.  A parent, spouse or domestic partner, a child by blood, adoption or marriage, a child of a domestic partner, a child raised in a "blended family", or a grandchild.
   OFFICIAL ACTION, OFFICIAL AUTHORITY, or OFFICIAL DUTIES.  A decision, recommendation, approval, disapproval, or other action, including inaction, which involves the use of discretionary authority.
   PUBLIC OFFICE.  An elected official or appointee of the City of St. Johns.
   PUBLIC OFFICIALS or PUBLIC OFFICERS.  Includes appointees and elected officials of the City of St. Johns.
   RESPONDENT.  Any person to whom a written formal complaint is directed to by the City Attorney for information or a reply to the formal complaint.
   SOURCE OF INCOME.  Any corporation, partnership, proprietorship, firm, enterprise, franchise, association, organization, self-employed individual and any other legal entity, provided nothing herein shall be construed to require the reporting of individual clients or patients.
   SUBSTANTIAL.  Of real worth and importance; of considerable value; valuable.
(Ord. 631, passed 9-25-2017)