(A)   Title. The title of this chapter shall be “Ethical Standards of Conduct for Elected Officials, Appointees, and City Employees.”
   (B)   Purpose and intent. Elected officials, appointees, and city employees, by virtue of their positions, are trustees of the public, chargeable with honesty, integrity, and openness in their handling of public affairs. When conduct inconsistent with this expectation occurs, public suspicion is heightened and public confidence is compromised. Where government is founded upon the consent of the governed, it is critical that each citizen have complete confidence in the integrity of the government. Each public official, appointee, and/or employee must endeavor to earn and honor the public trust in the conduct of all official duties and actions. The purpose of this chapter is to define standards of ethical conduct that are clearly established and uniformly applied and for enforcement of same.
(Ord. 631, passed 9-25-2017)